How the works of art made of Swiss pine are made in the house

Everywhere in our house you can smell the pleasant resinous scent of stone pine. You will notice the chests, boxes, house blessings, hoods, reliefs, mirrors, etc. carved by our grandfather. The objects have been carpentry and carved in the old handicraft tradition.
The wooden surfaces were decorated with notch cuts (three-arch and line cuts) and bas-relief-like motifs such as flowers, leaves, animals or rosettes. The carvings are left raw and are rarely stained. Beam or ceiling motifs were partly from early eras, such as from Gothic or Baroque and are therefore found in various folk-art museums.
Many pieces of furniture have been faithfully reproduced (hand tines) and carved, including the Oberinntaler or the Nonsberger chest. This wood decor, which can delight our senses and our minds, harbors tension between image and invention, between reality and fantasy. It lets us immerse ourselves in a world that seems long forgotten today.